IOT-A-SYNC is rapid prototyping development board for Internet of Things (IOT) applications. This board is powered by ESP32 sytem on chip microcontroller with Xtensa dual-core. Esp32 officially supports Arduino and ESP-IDF framework built around FreeRTOS. IOT-A-SYNC supports multiple globally accepted network interfaces for IOT devices communication. Various wireless communicaton options it supports are WIFI, BLE,NFC, LoRa PHY. In terms of range of commuincation, For Short range, it supports NFC. For Medium range, it supports Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) and Bluetooth (v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE). For Long range, it supports LoRa communication. IOT-A-SYNC also support network topology like Star and Mesh for creating Wireless sensor network(WSN). Programming of IOT-A-SYNC is supported by onboard USB-to-Serial converter as well as it also supports external JTAG interface for programming and debugging. Other interfaces available iclude:- On-Board Led, Switch, Oled(128x64) screen, BME280 sensor (provides Temperatue, Humidity, Pressue), IR transmitter led and IR Receiver sensor. All I/O pins are provide on 0.1" male as well as female header, as well as few distictive feature I/O are available on 3 Pin JST connector compatible with commonly available sensors and other modules. The 180-point breadboard further facilitates temporary/external circuit testing via jumpers on board itself. Also, for low power WSN, shorting jumpers are provided to limit power usuage.

Documentation link :- https://iot-a-sync.sincgrid.com/

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